Friday, August 28, 2009


I come to you tonight because it is where I must be
What's left of my immortal soul still longs to be set free
You are not like the other ones, on them I only feed
You are a precious, perfect gem, you are the one I need
Inside my heart there was a place that I had thought long dead
But through your soft and gentle touch, it now burns bright instead

I curse each hour that the soft sleep keeps me from your side
For though I die again each day, that does not stem the tide
The passion that you stir in me runs through me like an ocean
There are these things that I must do, but you have my devotion
The joy when we're together, the anguish when we part
Remind me that my soul's not dead and I still have a heart

I see you waiting on your bed as I enter your room
My need for you grows stronger with each breath of your perfume
You see me and a lovely smile forms on your angel face
Your arms extend invitingly, awaiting my embrace
Soft red lips whisper the name that so few people know
The sound is like a symphony that makes my passion grow

I kiss you forehead,nip your neck and taste your ruby lips
Fingers draw a map of pleasure, shoulders to your hips
Your satin gown is slipped away and tossed upon the floor
There's nothing in the world but us as we are one once more
I bite down hard and taste your essence, you pull my long hair
No other acts of gods or men are like this thing we share

So bitter is the fact that I can't stay here past the dawn
But we both know that with the sun, I always must be gone
Damn this thing that brought me both a blessing and a curse
But someday you will be with me, for better, not for worse
Until that time each rising sun will make me want to scream
Instead, I'll wait for night to sleep, perchance to dream.

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