Friday, August 28, 2009


The night winds draw your scent to me, I hear then call your name
You wait for me this night, my love and feel no guilt or shame
Damn those who say that this is wrong, disparage our sweet dance
For they would gladly do the same if given half a chance
They fear the icy stare of death..the reaper's final sting
And if they could, they'd gladly take the special kiss I bring

But that kiss is reserved for are my chosen one
The moment my lips touched your skin, the changes had begun
I wandered endless centuries, felt doomed to be alone
The thought of one more night like that chills me to the bone
So take the ribbons from your hair and let it tumble free
Drop your gown unto the floor and give yourself to me

My lips touch yours so tenderly, my hands cradle your face
You tremble as I hold you in my dark and sweet embrace
There is no turning back this night from such intoxication
Your body tenses under mine in rapt anticipation
Our fingers lock, I hold you down, my tongue begins to tease
You look at me and with your eyes, you beg for sweet release

Sharp teeth sink into tender flesh, the blood begins to flow
With every drop I taste of you, my passion more does grow
I open up a vein for you, it is your turn to drink
You taste my essence willingly, there is no need to think
My dark blood stains your ruby lips, your crimson blood stains mine
We press our lips together now and let them both combine

You close your eyes and drift know the end is near
Yet in your eyes is only trace of doubt or fear
When you awake, we will be one in every single way
We'll walk the nights together and shun the light of day
Forever won't be just a word, but how we truly live
That is the thing I bring to is the gift I give

Eternity is ours, my love and time does not exist
The sands no longer run for us, we live in a sweet mist
We've conquered death and claimed the night, it now is our domain
Free from sickness, age, disease and all of life's cruel pain
I promised you forever and that promise I did keep
Now we are one eternally..we share in the soft sleep

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